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by far my favorite homestuck headcanon is that the beta kids met on club penguin



So, what do you think about Scotland voting yes on the referendum? From what I read, you were on the Yes side.


Scotland didn’t vote Yes, they voted No. 

I respect the decision of the people, because the Scots should be treated as a sovereign people. That’s a lot of the reason this referendum was held. They didn’t feel politically respected. So I don’t agree with condemning Scots for voting on Scottish issues. 

That being said, many, many Scots (who voted Yes or No alike) feel betrayed by David Cameron’s and Alistair Darling’s lies. For those who don’t know yet, Alistair Darling pretty much went on record saying he wouldn’t sign an agreement for devo max, and the Conservative government plans to block Cameron’s already tenuous pledge for more powers to Scotland.

Basically, Cameron manipulated and lied his way into getting a No majority, and now there is huge buyer’s remorse.

There are also riots in Glasgow by unionist British nationalists; teenagers and people of color are being attacked in the streets, while the BBC sit on their asses. These brutes don’t represent all of the sentiments among No supporters, but it is an alarmingly high amount. 

The young also feel betrayed by the old. A few statistics have come out, all with pretty strong correlations, showing that 71% of people 16-17 voted yes, while 73% of those 65+ voted no. The rest of the age demographics had either slight Yes majority or slight No majorities. But had those 65+ not voted so highly for No, statisticians claim that Yes would have one by 55%, not the other way around.

Additionally, the local government areas where one is statistically expected to have a lower expendable yearly salary and have a lower life expectancy at birth are the areas where Yes was more likely to be voted.

That means that the young and the poor and the disenfranchised all cried out for real change, for their futures, and the old and rich and comfortable decided to keep the status quo. They voted to keep 1/4th of Scottish children below the poverty line.

But this is far from over. This was the first battle in a long war. No matter what David Cameron spews from his grotesque lying mouth, the United Kingdom is not strong. The United Kingdom is falling apart. 

So basically, I say I don’t want to have an opinion on the result but in reality I can’t help but be kind of disappointed, and bewildered with all the flurrying aftermath, and intrigued by where it all goes from here. 


Stronger than all of you…

don’t tell me even a tiny, remote, isolated and abandoned part of peter hale’s humanity is not concerned and worried about his nephew. do not.